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Designed for academic and self study

Written by an AccountEdge Certified Consultant, these materials are designed to assist new and seasoned users to recognize and implement the opportunities provided by AccountEdge (MYOB) Accounting Software. The emphasis is on management accounting, with over 100 tips and tricks developed while working with hundreds of successful businesses.

We’ve included special additional tips and tricks for upgraders, including those who may have skipped an upgrade.

Each guide is fully indexed and cross-referenced to provide logical access to what you need, when you need it – these are the types of materials that you will want to keep handy for reference. Most businesses grow and change over time, and AccountEdge Business Solutions are designed to grow with you. These guides will show you how.

Our six guides

Based on AccountEdge for Mac & Windows (MYOB Premier Accounting) this edition includes coverage of important features, including:

  • Sync your contact information with Microsoft Outlook (Premier Accounting) or Mac Address Book (AccountEdge)
  • Undo bank reconciliation
  • Instantly change a sales order or quote to a purchase order
  • Quickly locate recurring transactions with expanded search field
  • Email payment notifications to customers and vendors
  • Import Employee Payroll Details
  • Preview payroll before recording
  • Receive inventory enhancements
  • Import inventory data, including:
    • Opening balances, including costs and quantities
    • Inventory counts
    • Transfers between locations
    • Adjustments and auto-build transactions
  • Business Insights
  • Integration to iCal & Mobile Me (Mac edition)
  • Personalized Task Lists (Mac edition)
  • Combine Accounts, Combine Cards

Plus, there is full coverage of new features from earlier releases, including:

  • Expanded company data auditor: ensuring company file integrity has never been easier!
  • Timesheets for time billing and payroll
  • Improved budgeting: current and next year
  • Enhanced inventory processing, including:
    • Receiving items without a bill
    • Track inventory in multiple locations
    • Selling ‘negative’ inventory
  • Payroll: pay and reconcile payroll liabilities
  • Combining cards and accounts
  • Credit card processing, direct deposit, and electronic payments
  • Enhanced banking
  • Enhanced forms customization, including invoices and receipts
  • Enhanced job costing
  • Enhanced password security
  • Enhanced accounts list and financial reporting
  • Emailing invoices and statements
  • Emailing purchase orders
  • Payroll forms service and e-filing

Originally designed for classroom training, these guides have been completely redone to facilitate self-study and quick reference. Content is presented in a logical, step-by-step order, and everything has been carefully cross-referenced. Combined with the comprehensive key-word index, you will quickly find the information you need, when you need it.

Learn how to unleash the power of AccountEdge (MYOB), stretch its flexibility to the maximum, and let its ease of use make your accounting tasks a breeze.

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